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Digitizing Embroidery Design

digitizing embroidery design

Important Factor to Remember While Digitizing Embroidery Design:

digitizing embroidery design factor
Few things needs to be kept in mind, apart from the type of digitizing embroidery design that you can use, as you give us your project, and as we start working on it, it all begins with stitching your preferred design on some other fabric, it gives us the idea that what will it look like, the size what will come with it and what you can expect from the finished product with your chosen fabric. It is vital that you choose the right color combination of the threads to be used. if you are still unsure, then there is nothing to worry about our designers are ready to help you on anything. They always advise you that what you can do to make your design look even better. Another important thing to select is a hoop, which will hold the fabric firmly. Before we begin, we check each and every single little thing to ensure that all tools are in order before the process of embroidery design begins. So that we can create a perfect digitizing embroidery design for you. Before all that, the most important subject is to digitize your design, it is really essential because without that the machine will not be able to understand any kind of instructions. Although, by translating it, it is converted into a format that the machine can read and understand. Now the embroidery machine can easily understand the instructions provided by the machine operative. As we know, all the quality depends upon the digitizer's contribution and his concentration and experience while working for the project, as the digitizer has to tell the machine where to put each and every stitch, from the basic to the complex. Plus In what order it needs to be sewn, where to stop, trimming of extra threads, switching of different colors, and much more instructions are guided by the digitizer to the machine. While embroidering it is always the easiest way to go with the smaller designs just as 3 to 4.5 width for left chest emblem it will be sufficient for most of the shirts. While working on our digitizing embroidery design projects we always make sure to avoid any kind of mistakes by our strict checking in each and every single level. Though, when we are embroidering text on dark fabrics, we use the thread that is the same color as the fabric. The needles we use are changed frequently; before we start a new project the needles are changed. While outlining texts or objects, its size should be minimum. Especially in case of logos. In case of small and digitized texts, fonts that are easy to read are chosen by our experts. Although, with all the information about different types of embroidery designs and where to best use them, our digitizers are able to execute any embroidery project with ease and with the top quality results that will leave you in awe.

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